For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple… and wrong.

― H. L. Mencken

Our Process

At FWCO, we take great pride in our ability to discover the right answers to complex problems.

We deliver a wide range of services to our clients by applying the following approach.

Work closely with clients to define the objectives and issues to be addressed

Develop research questions and determine what data is required to tackle these problems

Collect and analyze the data to find optimal solutions

Present the results in the form of reports, presentations, and/or workshops

Core Services

Program Evaluation

We provide a full spectrum of program evaluation services from evaluability assessments and the preparation of evaluation frameworks to the implementation of process and summative evaluations.

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Performance Measurement

We have extensive experience in helping our clients to develop and implement performance measurement frameworks.

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Program Design

Our program designs can be implemented easily and effectively by program staff. As part of the design process, we undertake surveys of the target groups to assess the types of programs that should be implemented.

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Organizational Reviews

We have conducted organizational reviews for government departments, government agencies, educational and research institutions, and non-profit associations.

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Strategic and Business Planning

Together, our staff have undertaken over 300 strategic and business planning assignments including the development of strategic plans, business plans, and feasibility studies.

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Sector and Regional Studies

We have developed a proprietary Competitiveness Model which incorporates factors related to both the macro environment as well as the micro-business environment.

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Investment Attraction and Trade Promotion

We have conducted investment attraction and trade promotion studies for clients at the municipal level, the provincial level, and the national level.

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Small Business Development

Many of our projects have focused on small business development through evaluation of key government programs, extensive surveys of small businesses, and specialized initiatives and research.

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High Tech

We are a leader in research on the high technology sector, from the preparation of development strategies for the high tech sectors to the preparation of strategic plans and marketing plans for high tech companies.

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Marketing Strategies

We have conducted market research studies and developed marketing strategies for clients in industries such as forestry, energy, investments, and medical device manufacturing.

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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our firm or our services.

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