Why Us?

There are some key factors that differentiate us from the competition.

Longevity and Dedication

Our expertise comes from decades of experience.



Collectively, we are very old. Our senior staff have over 100 years of collective experience in serving clients and carrying out projects in a wide range of fields. Our longevity and dedication has allowed us to build trust with our clients and provide them with the best services.


Our staff are adaptive to change. From being in the business for many years, we have endured changes in technology, expectations, and core business practices. This is a testament of our abilities to embrace the new. Although we have specialized teams, we encourage our staff to get involved in as many areas of consulting as possible so that they can adapt to a wide range of assignments.


Our strength is based in the diversity of our people.


Different Specializations


Unique Life Experiences


Independent Thinkers

All of our reports are internally reviewed by a diverse set of colleagues. We use a senior member or associate of our firm (either Partner or Principal), who is not directly engaged in the evaluation assignment, to review all drafts and final reports.

Strong Management

We walk the talk.

Most of our competitors are experienced professionals who provide thoughtful advice to their client. However, very few are able to take that advice and apply it to their own operations. At FWCO we heard our own advice and were successful in building efficient operations and a management system that works for our clients, our colleagues and the future of our organization.
We have developed highly standardized approaches, procedures, and formats for each component of our assignments which enable us to provide our services quickly and efficiently and yet also allow for creative and innovative ideas to flourish.

Openess to Change

Change is inevitable.


A key objective of our model is to continuously improve our processes, formats, materials, and tracking systems. These improvements are incorporated into our business to extend and deepen our competitive advantages.


We embrace positive change and encourage our staff to participate in yearly business planning activities through which we solicit feedback, focus on positive change and ideas, and identify challenges for growth and ways to implement the changes while minimizing disruption in our services.


Our staff have the tenacity, endurance and passion needed to fulfill our collective vision and adapt to the changing needs of our clients and changing world. We have successfully implemented new technologies in our data collection practices, introduced flexible work environments, and continuously enhanced our business practices.

New Technologies and Social Media

We use new technologies to collect qualitative data.

Social and technological advancements in the last decade pose challenges and opportunities for researchers in collecting qualitative data.

At FWCO we have embraced new technologies to take advantage of various systems to gather and analyze data. Our capabilities in survey methodology and digital design, and use of interactive data collection platforms and applications, ensures that we meet the requirements of our clients and are able to conduct large scale surveys, including surveys with hard-to-reach groups, within the available budget and stipulated time frames.

High Operating Efficiency

High cost-efficiency does not mean low quality.

Our low cost structure, which is reflected in our highly competitive hourly rates, represents a major competitive advantage for FWCO Management Consultants.

In addition to strong management systems, FWCO has been able to achieve significant operating efficiencies through effective scheduling and planning processes, tight control of overhead costs, a flexible organizational structure and high degree of functional specialization.

We place high priority on developing highly detailed project work plans, which enable us to efficiently and effectively hit the ground running in our field research.


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our firm or our services.

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